Japanese pop star Minami Minegishi shaves head after spending the night with her boyfriend

Fans leapt to the defence of a Japanese starlet on Friday after she shaved her head and issued a tearful YouTube apology in an act of “disgusting” penance for a night with a man. The Japanese starlet who shaved her head and issued a tearful YouTube apology after spending the night with a man was scrambling Friday to redeem the girl-next-door image of all-female group AKB Pictures of the roughly-shorn head of Minami Minegishi, 20, were emblazoned on national newspapers and Japan’s Twitter scene was abuzz over news that the pop princess from cash-generating juggernaut AKB48 had broken the band’s cardinal rule: No Dating. A sobbing Minegishi told fans she had decided to shave her head in contrition after a popular weekly magazine published claims of a night of passion with a year-old boy band member. Minegishi, who had long, silky hair at the time, was snapped leaving the apartment of Alan Shirahama, a dancer in an off-shoot of the popular boy band Exile. Tabloid magazine Shukan Bunshun published its article Thursday, and hours later Minegishi was pleading to be allowed to remain with AKB48, one of the world’s most successful acts by revenue.

Boyfriend of disgraced AKB48 singer apologises to fans

Rock band Scandal clearly didn’t want to be lumped in with their cutesy dance-pop peers like AKB48 and Perfume. That message was put across by Japanese all-female rock band Scandal early on in the roundtable interview. They clearly didn’t want to be lumped in with their cutesy dance-pop peers like AKB48 and Perfume.

Personally, we don’t really think of ourselves as cute-looking at all.

In the midst of the scandal, Yamaguchi has left the band, while the rest of most famous J-Pop controversy internationally is the story of AKB

Now a TV and media personality, during her appearance the year-old Nishino said: “There are a lot of mentally unwell girls in AKB At the same time, being part of a musical team, as with any team in Japan, comes with intense pressure to perform as closely as possible to perfection, since Japanese culture routinely stresses the importance of fulfilling responsibilities to the group over personal satisfaction.

Anytime, anywhere, you can apply easily online! Our card can be used for online shopping as well. They are sexualised, forced to work very long hours with very few holidays, and have contracts with clauses stating they must not have boyfriends and god know what else. Serves as a branding tool for their management company, kind of like saying “Johnny’s” to refer to the dozen or so male groups affiliated with that one recording and concert promotion company.

Mega pop music business seems almost predetermined to do mental damage to the young “artists” though. I was reading about an old UK boy group, Bros, that recently had a revival in a popular online documentary over Christmas. They seem to have never really gotten over their early success–one brother’s follow up act was doing shows in Vegas shades of Elvis, another sufferer of excessive early fame.

And this is just depression alone – not considering the wide range of other mental health disorders and struggles that many people have. So why would anyone be surprised that large groups of young female “idols” who have really stressful lives on top of everything else would include people affected by these issues?

Japan pop idol’s head-shave apology stirs debate

The scandal that ensued made the papers and the morning talk shows. Both denied that there was any hanky panky. The tabloid that broke the story, however, claimed that the lights in Akimoto’s abode were quickly turned off upon arrival.

group’s hierarchy and some of the high-profile scandal cases, for example, instances of violence against and around AKB48, a dating controversy in , and.

RSS Feed. For most fans, this is the time to show appreciation for their oshi and all the hard work they have accomplished throughout this past year. She felt amazed, shocked, but more importantly humble about ranking that she was brought to tears. This is an article explaining why she became my oshi in the first place, and a very important confession I have to make about her.

Like Tanamin, Miichan has been a veteran for years now. She has been a part of AKB48 for almost 10 years, and she is the last remaining 1st generation member alongside Kojima Haruna and Takahashi Minami. She is also known for her spectacular dancing and singing skills. Basically, her resume on AKB48 is nothing short of amazing. However, let me tell you why she became my oshi in the first place. She took the scandal to heart and, rather than shrugging it off, she shaved her head in penance.

This in turn made news in media outlets not only in Japan, but around the entire world. This was the first time I had seen a J-Pop star broken by one mistake.

Pop singer’s shock marriage announcement at AKB ‘election’ sparks controversy

Culture Trip stands with Black Lives Matter. During the first few months of , the metoo movement really started making waves in Japan. Culture Trip published a more detailed history of the movement here , but one of the latest causalities in the call out is Tatsuya Yamaguchi, singer and bassist of Tokio, a massive Japanese pop -rock band that have been Japanese music icons since the mids.

The year-old musician and regular TV personality was exposed for forcibly trying to kiss a high school girl. The incident was reported to police but later settled out of court.

AKB 1/48 – a dating simulation game based on the island of Guam The odd love scandal is not unusual for AKB48 members, a few of whom.

Minegishi was the last first-generation AKB48 idol to graduate from the group. Minegishi debuted as a member of the first generation of AKB48 in December In , she famously shaved her head as restitution for dating while pleading that she didn’t want to leave the group. As a result of the scandal, she was demoted to trainee status. In August the same year, she was reinstated into the group as a captain of Team 4.

Her formal graduation concert will take place at the Yokohama Arena on April 2. Regarding her graduation, she commented, “I worried about it a lot, but I decided that I wanted to graduate from AKB while I still enjoy being here. I chose to go to a place where I can watch over everyone. I’m going to do my best again, starting from scratch, so please watch over me.

AKB48 Top Ten Most Shocking Moments

Higuchi Yuta and a magazine model on Sept 19th, Source : Torendosokuhou Via Anakamirikaru. Comments from akb48taimuzu. The same outfit!

With her surprisingly stark look that left so little of her former starlet image, she asks for forgiveness for breaking the group’s no dating rule; “my.

TOKYO – A member of a hugely popular Japanese girl band has shaved her head and issued a tearful videotaped apology for violating the megagroup’s no-dating rule, sparking a national debate over whether the band’s management exerts too much control over its performers. Pictures of Minami Minegishi in closely-cropped hair have been splashed across Japanese newspapers and triggered heated discussion on Twitter and television talk shows.

The year-old made the video, posted on the group AKB48’s website, after she was caught by a gossip magazine leaving a boy’s apartment. AKB48, made up of more than 90 girls and young women divided into several teams, forbids its members from dating to project a clean image and signal their devotion to the group and their mostly male fans. Minegishi belonged to one of the top teams, but her manager announced her demotion to the bottom-ranked “research student” status.

In her nearly four-minute video released on the group’s Internet site, a tearful Minegishi, shorn of her silky black hair, sobbed hard and pleaded with her fans to let her stay with the band. She said she shaved her head as an act of contrition to her “thoughtless and irresponsible behaviour.

Minami Minegishi

Rosemary Overell does not work for, consult, own shares in or receive funding from any company or organisation that would benefit from this article, and has disclosed no relevant affiliations beyond their academic appointment. While shocking to many in the West, such behaviour is relatively normal in the sometimes bizarre world of Japanese popular culture. During a recent visit to Osaka, Japan, I visited one of my favourite haunts, Junkudo bookshop.

Waiting in line at the checkout, I looked at the displays above the cashiers, usually reserved for Japanese popular fiction.

On Jan 14, former AKB48 member Miki Nishino, who was with the Akihabara-​based Nishino gave examples of AKB48 members who would set up their Line Being forced to sign “non-dating” contract where you renounce your own If you know the basic knowledge on the scandals and bs of all the idol.

Take a moment to watch this video. Notice her shaved head? That is a traditional way to show remorse and a desire to repent in Japanese culture, a tradition quite rare for women to practice. So what was her sin? What terrible, despicable thing did she do that warranted a shaved head and this apology? Her scandal is common in the sexually charged world of J-pop.

J-pop idols, although they are mostly minors, are marketed as sex symbols. Because of this, the girls must stay chaste and single so not to shatter the fan fantasies that bring in the money. Their availability, at least in the minds of male fans, is part of their marketability.

Japanese AKB48 popstar shaves head after sex scandal

A member of Japanese girl group AKB48 has shaved her hair off after a recent sex scandal. An apologetic Minami Minegishi, 20, appeared in a YouTube video with her haircut to show remorse and regret, accepting blame for the situation with year-old boyband member Alan Shirahama and begging to be allowed to remain with the group. The scandal came about when Minegishi was seen leaving Shirahama’s apartment.

AKB48 – which has around 90 members, all female – bans everyone from dating.

Earlier this month, year-old Sakura Wars co-creator Hiroji Oji was spotted staying over at year-old AKB48 singer Sayaka Akimoto’s.

Please view the main text area of the page by skipping the main menu. The page may not be displayed properly if the JavaScript is deactivated on your browser. Pop singer Rino Sashihara was crowned most popular member in the annual “general election” of the AKB48 family of all-female groups on June 17 for the third consecutive year, but it was a shock announcement from a lesser known member that stole the show and set online observers abuzz.

I’m going to get married,” she told people gathered at the event venue in Tomigusuku, Okinawa Prefecture. Her news created an even bigger buzz online than the announcement of the ranking, partly because AKB bans its members from dating. Forming the background to this stance is the “general election” system in which the ranking of members is decided by fans’ votes. To vote in the election, fans need voting slips which are found inside CDs of the group’s music, and many fans buy or more copies of the same CD to help vote in their favorite members.

In , the romance of another AKB48 member, Minami Minegishi, was reported, leading her to shave hear head and apologize, saying she didn’t want to leave the group. The apology was compared by some to a “public execution,” and was even reported overseas. After the announcement of her impending marriage, Suto’s official Twitter account was flooded with critical comments. Some fellow group members appeared taken aback, with Sayaka Yamamoto posting a blog entry saying, “I just don’t know what to say.

It can’t be helped if fans who have spent a large amount of money promoting her call it ‘fraud,"” he said. Journalist Toko Shirakawa, who is familiar with Japanese idols, commented, “The idol world is a magnificent ‘fantasy’ built on the efforts of the idol and their fans.

Member Of Japanese Idol Group AKB48 Criticized For Inconsiderate Behavior Towards Jang Geun Suk!

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